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Teams by Division


TeamRequestDivisionPointsRecordWin %Avg RunsAvg AgainstAvg Diff
8U Oviedo Blaze8 Under GirlsA-Class03-4-137.5%
Crusaders FastPitch Softball8 Under GirlsC-Class06-13-031.6%7.09.5-2.5
Palmetto Pride 8u8 Under GirlsB-Class08-2-080.0%


TeamRequestDivisionPointsRecordWin %Avg RunsAvg AgainstAvg Diff
Clearwater Bullets 12U Kimmet12 Under GirlsA-Class06-3-066.7%
Crush 0712 Under GirlsC-Class08-16-230.8%4.85.4-0.5
Lady Bombers-McClain 12u12 Under GirlsA-Class00-5-00.0%3.88.2-4.4
NLS Elite 08/0912 Under GirlsB-Class02-4-033.3%4.37.2-2.8
STA Lady Vanguards 12U12 Under GirlsB-Class08-1-088.9%
SWAT12 Under GirlsB-Class05-4-055.6%
Wesley Chapel Fastpitch12 Under GirlsC-Class09-5-064.3%4.84.9-0.1


TeamRequestDivisionPointsRecordWin %Avg RunsAvg AgainstAvg Diff
Central Florida Mystics 0612 Under GirlsB-Class011-9-152.4%
Haze 0614 Under GirlsB-Class04-6-040.0%6.87.1-0.3
Lady Diamonators13 Under Girls 08-6-057.1%3.53.8-0.3
Lady Liberties (Red)14 Under GirlsB-Class023-5-179.3%
Lady Outlawz14 Under GirlsB-Class07-11-235.0%4.35.1-0.8
Sarasota Heat 0614 Under GirlsB-Class03-6-130.0%2.94.2-1.3
WARRIORS OF THE DIAMOND 1415 Under GirlsC-Class03-2-060.0%4.64.8-0.2

High School

TeamRequestDivisionPointsRecordWin %Avg RunsAvg AgainstAvg Diff
Auburndale Synergy18 Under GirlsB-Class012-5-070.6%
Central Florida Orange Crush18 Under GirlsB-Class04-2-157.1%
Clearwater Lady Bombers Giesler15 Under GirlsC-Class05-4-055.6%
Crush 0416 Under Girls 07-0-0100.0%
Lady liberties 14u Laird16 Under GirlsB-Class00-9-00.0%1.49.0-7.6
Lady Outlawz 18u18 Under GirlsC-Class05-18-021.7%3.66.2-2.6
Shaka16 Under GirlsB-Class02-4-033.3%4.57.2-2.7
Southern Heat16 Under GirlsC-Class01-4-020.0%2.09.2-7.2
W.T. Elite18 Under GirlsB-Class05-3-155.6%
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