• 8U Softball NIT 2X Points -Presented by USFA
      Date: 10/6/19
      4GG -Single Elimination (50min/55min) Finish the inning
      Age Division: 8U ONLY -NIT 2X Points
      *Entry Fee includes FREE registration with USFA ($47 dollar value). If you haven't already registered. If you have registered already with USFA the entry fee is still $150 and there will be no credit of the $47 back to you or your team. This promotion is for teams that have not registered for the 2019-2020 season. 
      Kennedy Softball Complex
      3101 Roselawn Dr.
      San Antonio, TX. 78226
      Entry Fee:
      $30/ $30 ($15 per team) 
      Rings 1st place (12), 2nd place (12)
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